Storied Food & Spirits

Fork Lore and it’s independent restaurant story spans over a decade and continues to unfold each day. We like to tell those stories through the dishes that we create. To begin our story, we start in 2009…

The Beginning

Opening in 2009 in Hilton Biltmore Park as Roux, our Chef began to tell stories through his signature twists on classic Southern dishes. Many of the dishes were reimagined from his grandmother’s kitchen leading easily to tales of happy memories and comfort found through quality time spent with loved ones. This inspiration combined with his culinary knowledge resulted in a delicious combination of flavors that attracted visitors and locals to Roux.

The Middle

Roux became a staple in Biltmore Park. It even received one of the highest food honors from Hilton. Dishes like the homey Broken Yolk Sandwich and upscale Scottish Salmon quickly became favorites. Guests began making their own memories and sharing stories of times past at our tables.

As conversations about renovating the Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park began, our team saw an opportunity to reconceptualize and hone the restaurant’s idea even further. The result, Fork Lore.

The Now

Keeping with the original concept of food our guests can enjoy while sharing stories with each other, Fork Lore came to be. Inspired by our guests’ anecdotes and those that run in our owner’s Vanderbilt legacy, stories were placed front and center of our restaurant. And more importantly, on the plate.

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